IK2DFZ's Download Directory
Name: Marco Giocondi
Callsign: IK2DFZ
City: Magenta
State/Province: Milano
Country: Italy
Grid Square: jn45kl
Email: marcogiocondi@alice.it
Website: http://i2ysb.com/ik2dfz/
Website Desc: Ham dx Focus on Top Band 160m
SDR & other radios: SDR1000 bY IK3VIG & IC756PRO3
ETO91b Ant.4el 6band
on 160 InvL 82M up 20M
80/40 Dipol inverted V
DXCC 335 Country Honor Roll
WAZ on 160M Confirmed 243 Country
Computer Equipment: Pentium 4 CPU 3.40GHz 2,00GB RAM
Sound Card Delta44
General Comments: A thanks to Beppe ik3vig for the technical and commercial support in Italy devoting his/her time to the applications of us end user
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