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Name: Bob Tracy
Callsign: K5KDN
City: Driftwood
State/Province: TX
Country: USA
Grid Square: EM00xb
Website: http://btracy.com
Website Desc: Personal
SDR & other radios: FlexRadio SDR-1000 with RFE and 100 watt amp; Kenwood TS-440SAT; Tennadyne T-8 lpda; Palstar AT1500CV tuner; Ameritron AL-80B.
Computer Equipment: Dell Dimension 8400 Desktop, 3.4 gHz, 1 gB RAM, Dell 19" Flat Panel. Microsoft XP Pro SP2. Audio is Edirol FA-66.
General Comments: I enjoy contributing to the software development of the SDR-1000. It keeps my brain active and helps maintain/improve my C# skills.

As far as operating, CW is my main mode but I find PSK31 very interesting.
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