KD5TFD's Download Directory
Name: Bill Tracey
Callsign: KD5TFD
City: Round Rock
State/Province: TX
Country: USA
Grid Square: EM10dm
Email: bill@ewjt.com
Website: http://ewjt.com/kd5tfd/index.html
Website Desc: SDR 1000 link on left of main page
SDR & other radios: 2xSDR-1000, HF Packer amp, TS 2000, Multiple SoftRock 40`s
Computer Equipment: Athlon Win2k for SDR, Various Linux boxen.
General Comments: Newer ham (first licensed in 2002). Love experimenting with this stuff, trained as an EE, but have done software all my professional career, so like working with both hardware and software for SDR. Learning lots!
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