N8AVR's Download Directory
Name: Brian Buckstiegel
Callsign: N8AVR
City: Saginaw
State/Province: MI
Country: USA
Grid Square: EN73xj
Email: brian@n8avr.us
Website: http://n8avr.us
Website Desc: N8AVR Online Shack
SDR & other radios: Icom 746PRO, Icom 703, Icom 706MkII, Kenwood TS-820, Kenwood D700A, D7A, and many others :)
Computer Equipment: Gateway 3.0 Ghz, Gateway 2.08 Mhz, eMachines 2.0 Ghz, Gateway 1.3 Ghz, and numerous others
General Comments: Enjoy this radio stuff!
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