PA0RWE's Download Directory
Name: Rob Engberts
Callsign: PA0RWE
City: Alphen a/d Rijn
Country: Netherlands
Grid Square: JO22HC
Website Desc: My amateur radio hobby, especially SDR
SDR & other radios: We (Joris PE1KTH) and I designed a SDR kit. The kit has a frequency range from 80m upto 70cm.
I also do very much with PIC processors for radio control.
Computer Equipment: Desktop PC AMD 3200+ and IBM T23 Laptop. I use the PC`s most for technical issues, such as PIC programming, SDR etc.
General Comments: In spite of my age (1948) I love soldering...and also SMD/SMT parts!
I also be very interested in measuring the performance of receivers, such as Noisefloor, IMD, IP3 etc.
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