W9XA's Download Directory
Name: Kermit Carlson
Callsign: W9XA
City: Batavia
State/Province: Illinois
Country: USA
Grid Square: EN51-UU
Email: W9XA@yahoo.com, kermit@fnal.gov
Website: http://arr.com
Website Desc: Site served from Sun SparcStation at home
SDR & other radios: I have built: DSP-10, TAPR Network Anaylzer, Ozy, and several other DSP projects - the shack includes a Mantis scope, hotair soldering, and wedge-bonding with 0.7mil Al/Au wire capability. I own an SDR-1000, TAPR-SDR FT-dx-9000D. Motorola Quantar APCO-25 & VSELP system. SoftRock on 28 Mhz
Computer Equipment: Several Solaris, Linux and XP systems. I OWN full licenses for Mathmatica, Visual DSP++, Full MS Visual Studio, Mathcad, etc.
General Comments: My interest is primarily in VHF/UHF and above.
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