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Name: Rick Peterson
Callsign: WA6NUT
City: Buena Vista
State/Province: CO
Country: U.S.A.
Grid Square: DM68wt
Email: wa6nut@arrl.net
Website: http://www.qsl.net/wa6nut
Website Desc: WA6NUT Radio Page
SDR & other radios: SDR platform: Modified PSK-10 transceiver (Small Wonder Labs) with added 12 kHz IF input/output to computer sound cards. The operating frequency is about 29.22 MHz. See my Member Download Directory for details of modifying and testing the PSK-10 for SDR use. Transmitted output power is boosted to 35W using a PA-100 5W preamp and HFPacker 35W amplifier from HFProjects.com (K5OOR). A Palstar ZM-30 is used for the VFO.

A Soundcard Switching Unit (SSU) is used to interface the transceiver to the PC soundcards. Details of the SSU are found in my Member Download Directory.

Main HF transceivers: Ten-Tec Jupiter and Kachina 505DSP
Computer Equipment: P300, Dell, & Compaq P2400 desktops, Compaq Presario 1200 laptop.
General Comments: I`m interested in SDR`s with sound card DSP using 12 kHz IF`s (see JI3GAB`s website).

I use PowerBasic and Java (1.4).

Developed by Con Wassilieff, ZL2AFP, FFT-TV sends and receives "live" full-color video (at 0.33 or 1 FPS) or AVI color video clips for playback at 10 FPS. This NBTV mode is especially robust under HF multipath propagation conditions. The software is available in three versions:


The CO49 version provides 36-line resolution, with the image further enhanced by averaging. The frame rate is 1 FPS. The CO49 software can be downloaded from my Member Download Directory.


AFC has been added so that frequency drift in the SSB transmitter and/or receiver can be tracked. This version is especially recommended for use with transceivers without TCXO`s or OCXO`s. The resolution and frame rate are the same as the original CO49 version. The frame rate of received "live" pictures can be increased to 10 FPS by post-processing with frame interpolation software (AVI Constructor with MotionPerfect). The CO49+AFC software can be downloaded from my Member Download Directory.


Resolution is 48 lines, with the image further enhanced by averaging (very good image quality). The displayed frame rate is 0.33 FPS (sequential RGB frames at 1 FPS). For links to ZL2AFP`s NBTV pages (CO48 version and more), go to:

Newer FFT-TV software can be downloaded from ZL1WTT`s NBTV page at:


My latest project, completed in August 2006, is an Independent Sideband (ISB) system for transmitting and receiving simultaneous video and voice on HF.

JI3GAB`s Java software is used to generate and detect ISB. See my "JI3GAB DSP-SSB Notes."
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