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kk4uqb (John)
Name: John Pollard
Callsign: KK4UQB
City: Thomaston
State/Province: Ga
Country: U.S.A
Grid Square: EM72sv
Email: pollard
SDR & other radios: Yeas 857D/Kenwood 2000/Kenwood FT520/Kenwood V71
Computer Equipment: Home Brew Desk Top computer with AMD quad core `processor /2 HP 15 laptops windows 10 in both laptops Windows 10in desk top
General Comments: I have been a ham radio operator for about 2years about half of the times as a tech the other half as a general class I have interested in both Theo older tube type radios as well as just currently starting to look at the newest technology out there in SDR technology My main goal I hope to get from this site is further onsite into the SDR technology, how it works the equipment required and if any of the radio I have like the Yaesu 857D with the remote face on it I use it as a base unit and am very pleased with it other than the fact its hard to read such a small screen, the Kenwood ft520 hybrid with the remote VFO 520s and the Kenwood mc-50 mic is problem at this point my fav. of all
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