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Name: Bill
Callsign: K0AWU
City: Grand Rapids
State/Province: MN
Country: USA
Grid Square: EN37ed
Website: http://www.geocities.com/patbilldavis/Radio.html
Website Desc: Weak Signal VHF/UHF/Microwave operations
SDR & other radios: SoftRock Ver7 / 144 mhz& Microwave IF


SoftRock Ver6.1RxTx 80/40m 500mw


SDR 1000 ... HF and 2m with internal DEM xverter. (20db 28mhz preamp, 2m gasfet preamp and "driver" amp required. Works quite well.
General Comments: SoftRock Ver7 based 144Mhz IF SDR used for panadapter display of 10Ghz Rain scatter, 2m Tropo/Es and 902Mhz weak signal.


SoftRock Ver6.1RxtX is used mostly on 40m QRPp CW ... at 500mw

SoftRock Ver6.2RxTx (10meter version) used with a DEM 28/144 transverter for 2m and 2m IF operations.
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