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Name: Joe Bell
Callsign: G4PMY
City: Sandbach
Country: UK
Email: tbr@bellradio.co.uk
Website: http://www.bellradio.co.uk
Website Desc: work & play
SDR & other radios: No experiance in sdr but interested in the HPSDR project
Computer Equipment: general PCs plus a range of home made tools to support our product manufacture. see www.awcsl.com
General Comments: 59 years old, trying to stay up-to-date :)
Always worked in communication radio, in design for the last 20 years, we use DSP in Atmel chips for signal processing, but the code is written by another staff member. Looked at it and cosider he has somthing wrong in his brain :), but I find this project interesting and I hope to use it as a vehicle to drag myself up to date.
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