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Name: Hank Wolfla
Callsign: K9LZJ
City: Greenfield
State/Province: IN
Country: USA
Grid Square: EM79bs
Email: hank@wolfla.net
SDR & other radios: SDR-5000 & PW1 at my home. Also run a remote contest station that includes the following: ICOM 7600, PW1 & QRO amplifiers, TS-2000, and 4 el step IR beam @ 60ft, 2 el 40 meter beam, and 2, 440, and 1.2 gig antenna`s @ 100 ft. Also dipoles and verticals for 80 & 160. The station has emergency back up power including a fuel cell.
Computer Equipment: Home Brue Dual Core computers.
General Comments: The SDR project has been the best thing for my ham career since my real interest in amateur radio is the technical side more than making contacts after 50 years as a ham.
Very interested in the Hermes project, and SDR transceivers that can be run without a Windows computer.
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