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HPSDR during installation into main amplifier cabinet. Penywhistle type amp at lower right. Modified ATX Power Supply unit at left.
Name: Dean PROBERT
Callsign: VK5LB
State/Province: SA
Email: vk5lb@yahoo.com.au
SDR & other radios: I have an HPSDR up and running. It is a most worthwhile project. I use a modified pennywhistle type preamp to drive a 400 watt solid state amp. This is now my main HF transceiver. Runs rings around "normal" rigs.
Computer Equipment: Own Mount Compass Computers. Suggest using Core Duo or faster for HPSDR.
General Comments: I have a boat anchor collection of American radios. I like rare DX. I continue with an interest in further HPSDR projects. It is the way of the future.
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