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Main view of AA8K`s shack. How about that microphone on top of the Ranger. That`s an original spark key in front of the Russian key.
Name: Mike Naruta
Callsign: AA8K
City: Port Huron
State/Province: MI
Country: USA
Grid Square: EN82sx
Email: aa8k73@gmail.com
SDR & other radios: HPSDR: Atlas, Penelope, Mercury, Excalibur, Trimble Thunderbolt, PennyWhistle, Janus, Ozymandias, Metis LPU, Pinocchio, Hermes. Lots of old gear. See shack photo for other radios. BiggIR, dipoles, 130 foot wire.
8/24/2006 7:23:32 PM UTC
Mike, have you tried soldering any relatively fine-pitched SMT IC`s using your single iron method? I`ve heard that it can work quite well -- provided enough liquid flux used. 73, Dale
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